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Best Free DNS Servers to Faster Your Internet 2018


You must have heard about the term called ‘DNS’ when you get to learn regarding the internet world through your friends or at school. In a layman language, when you get a new internet connection, you will directly get a basic DNS server. This does not end here, there will come a time when you need to change your DNS server which will have a better and flawless experience of using the internet. Evidently, they have many factors which will motivate you to alter these ideas and now we will discuss the top 10 DNS servers that suit you and to help you choose.


About DNS Server and Process of Changing It

The abbreviation of DNS is “Domain Name Server” with a major objective to connect to the IP address with a website name or domain name. Now, imagine a situation when you want to visit Facebook and type website name www.facebook.com on your browsers such as Safari, Google, Firefox or any other web browser and you directly get to see Facebook page right? But this is only the one side of the coin.

Significantly, all the network connections are totally under the control of IP  address while the DNS will run to match the content to that IP address and that is how you reach wherever you wish to go. So whenever you want to visit the specific website, the DNS server will handle everything. Everything depends on the quality of DNS server and according to that, you will acquire the results. Better the DNS server, quicker will be the actions.

The Fastest DNS Server

Though technology and internet play an important part in our lives and here we will provide you the guidance of every DNS Server has an idea to enlighten you about the variety of servers that exist.

DNS servers and the quality of speed of different DNS server are not always same. They sometimes might give an amazing internet and quality of experience while others might interrupt your entire internet communicator.

  1. Google Public DNS
  2. OpenDNS
  3. Norton ConnectSpace
  4. Watch
  5. OpenNIC DNS

Fastest Free DNS Servers of 2018

Now we will discuss which DNS server suits you the best and according to that you need to examine each alternative options by yourself. Optimization of your internet connection entirely depends upon the quality of your DNS server as well as the location where you wish it to be placed.

  1. Google Public DNS – Fastest DNS Server

Undoubtedly it is about the fact that we chose to google public DNS server at the top. The Google public DNS came on the market around in 2009, December and since then it is helping most of the population who use the internet and giving them the exemplary outcome by enhancing their internet experience.

Whenever you wish to alter your actual DNS server you will be required to change the IP address as well and it should change to ( and

It is one of the most popular DNS servers that supports only “IPv6 connectivity” and once you are required to receive the important requirements, you will need to change you IP address as per the requirement.

Most importantly, Google public DNS is also restricted to the DNS Cache attacks and DoS viral attacks. If you make a choice of choosing this DNS server you will make a great decision but before that I really want you to check out the other options that are available for you.

  1. OpenDNS

OpenDNS is also considered as the most advanced DNS servers because of their motivation of more powerful towards the power users.

To give a better idea if you are looking for something that will have a lot of positions of control and you are seeking an ordinary DNS server replacement so OpenDNS is an ideal option for you.

We have two version of OpenDNS server that can easily be accessed and come for specifically the business and personal purposes.

These versions are basically focused on the parental control, speech enhancement, and phishing protection. If you are excited to earn and land into the power-features of them then they also have paid plans which you must try before you are ready to make your decision.

IP address which you want to inscribe on it, such as and

  1. Norton ConnectSafe

The best thing about the Norton connectsafe is that its primary concern is the levels of security it provides. It is specifically meant for giving you enhanced browsing experience with desired enhanced protection. So, Norton connects safely allows you to access the three different ideas with little variations of security and protection which are as follows:

  • Security
  • Malware
  • Scam and Phishing
  • Pornography
  1. WATCH

It is the service that gives an allowance to have an easy working to the uncensored and fast internet connection and for which you are not required to pay a little amount to acquire it. This kind of service entirely stubborn about the DNS neutrality and there is no diminishing value in internet experience is going to be faced.

Most importantly, you can easily use the different devices available from computers to other Linux-based systems. The IP address for this server if you want to punch is- Or

  1. OpenNIC DNS

This is among the best because of its faster speed of DNS servers with a great amount of finest solutions to the users. The only motive of this server is to provide DNS neutrality which justifies and that you will easily be able to search all the little sides within the internet for which you will not have to face any trouble and disruptions.


Final Verdict for Free DNS Servers

Since we have discussed all the major DNS servers which will give you the best performance to your browsing, gaming experience, or video streaming.

There are also other factors that we should keep in mind before having the overall internet experience.

We recommend you to look into DNS server that suits you the best because it happens sometimes that when DNS server is crowded with a lot of traffic you might get disappointed and for that we want you to check out the entire list before making the decision.

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