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Top 5 GBA (Game Boy Advance) Emulators For Android


Living in a modern world where Entertainment is crucial. And these days, there are many people are inclining towards playing the old classic games on their personal computers. Now we will discuss the best GBA emulators for android that you can play on your android devices.

Witnessing how the idea of this special game boy has become so efficient that people can take them along wherever they go. Computers have become old-fashioned these days because they can’t go along with you anywhere so easily. We agree that GBA games on a PC are really a great idea, but life becomes easier when these games are played on handy devices.

Best GBA games

Since the invention of artificial intelligence, we are living technically. At this stage, Android enters the world and changed everything. Though Android is considered as an open source platform and there is never a scarcity of these emulators that we can use. We have no count of these GBA emulators that have crashed the digital market store like play store, some good and other mediocre stuff at best.

Best Emulators For Android- GBA (Game Boy Advance)

The only motive of this discussion is to acknowledge the best GBA emulators for your android devices that you can get at any period of time.

  1. Great emulator- emu

It is considered the best emulator in the smart market because it has a specialized version for the game boy too, but this article is letting you stick to GBA emulators. Earlier, GBA.emu was available absolutely for free to use, but the project got rejected in favor of the other paid version. These are some important feature of GBA.emu-

  • This enhanced emulator supports quicksave.
  • Usage of cheat codes for an adventurous gaming experience.
  • It controls hardware.

We can guarantee you about the most powerful emulator for PC because of all the significant reasons. For that, we have mentioned the detailed analysis of this emulator.


  • The emulator has advanced and filtered features.
  • It allows the user to control hardware.
  • It has quick save feature and cheat coding



  • A free version is not available for those who want to access the emulator.


  1. John GBA

It is so right in the case of John GBA to say that, don’t judge a book by its cover. Because it has a strange name. The emulator focuses to make an experience as enthusiastic as possible.

This emulator will let you experience reality but, virtually. This emulator is finest in its advanced features that we will discuss now

  • The emulator that use the authentic GBA systems for a virtual experience.
  • Controls everything on screen.
  • Slow-down or speeding up the game whenever you feel like.

It has expertise hands that allows you to have a simple yet extraordinary gaming experience.


  • No advertisement and the paid version is economic.
  • This emulator also friendly with cloud backup through dropbox.
  • It even works offline flawlessly.


  • The difficulty might occur to the new users.


  1. My boy

It is another popular emulator that is easily available on the market store called google play store. This kind of emulator has amazing features that might shock you because this emulator has a superior link over both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Evidently, the emulator has been designed with an idea to provide maximum control to its users. The best thing that it is running very efficiently and doing with great success. These are some features that will explain it in a much better way-

  • Provides hardware control.
  • It can easily run on a vast range of phone devices.
  • It supports cheat codes.

The emulator is indeed a wonder in the wonder because it will hardly disappoint any of the users. Below mentioned factual description will help you learn little more


  • Advanced and highly specialized features.
  • Easy to save all games at any moment.
  • It uses phone’s hardware optimization.


  • It hardly has any.


  1. Run GBA games with this app- GBA emulator

You must be seeking something really simple yet elegant, then this emulator is a perfect choice to make. The emulator is considered really simple, still, it has an ability to access all the games that you want.

If the simplicity is what matters to you then this emulator will suit you the best. We have mentioned some of the features that makes it really different

  • You can customize controls.
  • Available absolutely for free.
  • You can control it by using the controller.

These were the premium feature of the emulator that will give you an authentic experience.


  • Available for free.
  • Has all the basic features.
  • You can run all the games.


  • Advertisements can be annoying.


  1. GBA 2 Emulator

The GBA 2 emulator is exceptionally simple and friendly option for you with very advanced systems. Its generic system and functioning is really great

It is true that they work and the people who are using it are high in number, but they don’t bring out anything special in the field. The lack of modification makes them the everyday thing for the people who just want to play games on their smartphones

  • Supports cheat codes.
  • Even supports cable link.
  • Save the game and install whenever you wish to.

Despite being a simple emulator in the market it has the most unique functioning that can help you have a calm gaming experience


  • Exclusive features that you might get on the paid applications.
  • Simple interface friendly to use.
  • Available for free.
  • You can run it on all the devices.


  • An advertisement that may bring distraction.


After taking on a ride to rightful things, I am very excited to conclude that the emulators on android are still transforming every day and bringing out the best possible function that can make everything easy if we compare to emulators on PC. The emulator experience over PC is quite lengthy and tiresome.

Moreover, through Android, you can easily get an access to everything within a shorter period of time and provide you the better experience.

These emulators that placed on the above list are the finest and organic to use. These emulators can easily get through downloading or purchasing.

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