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The Woman In The Window By A.J. Finn Book Review


A perceptive novel interpreting Psychological suspense in every bit of it- The woman in the window continues to keep you glued with its impeccability all over again. A.J. Finn, a book critic turned author and pseudonym for Daniel Mallory, debuted in the industry with this thrilling book and his debut turned him to be the author of an internationally bestselling and New York Times No 1 bestseller of the year.


This engaging piece of writing is available in 41 languages, originally published In the year 2018 and will soon turn out to be an awe-inspiring movie starring the very talented- Amy Adams in lead role. Having a read of this marvelous creation will undeniably keep you engaged for a profound period of time.

AJ Finn’s- The woman in the window book review

This adorably crafted and perfectly plotted novel is indeed a tale of love, madness, and loss. Anna Fox who is a 38 years old woman lives in a classy house in Manhattan and is the prime character of the story. Anna is agoraphobic and has barely gone out of her house from a year; she stays all day long in her home, watches classic movies and drinks a lot of wine and find spying her neighbors quite delighting.


Her husband and 8 year old daughter don’t live with her, she talks to them often and ask them to return. She is a child psychologist by profession but barely meets any of her clients in person. She appears to be quite satisfied with her wine, cat and the habit of spying.


Anna gets immediately drawn to the Russells family who move in nearby and keeps a regular check on them with her binoculars. One day she witnesses a murder while spying the same family, she calls the police but nobody including the members of the family believes that anything like a murder ever took place. They feel that her high dose of vine and medications is responsible and she is merely imagining everything due to the booze may be.


Anna Is critically depressed due to some past incidents and medicates herself with lots of wine, spying habits and has turned out to be a self-destructive and self-absorbed woman. Her life was never like this from the beginning, there was a time when she too felt alive and through this, we get a real insight of how drastic her present situation is and that she is dealing vulnerably with all of it.


It is really hard when nobody trusts you and it is harder when you yourself don’t trust you! And the same was happening with Anna, she was miserably confused that whatever she feels she has witnessed happened in actual or it was just one of her hallucinations that drove her to witness such a situation.


The novel has been embedded with heavy doses of suspense, you will get clues throughout but at the end will be surely surprised by the way the story turns out to be as the author has successfully managed to keep you sidetrack when you feel you are getting it right.


Everything gets sorted in the end and you will be extremely surprised to know that where all the twists and turns led to. Going further will spoil a really interesting plot, so now it’s high time that you get started with this tremendously thrilling novel and experience realistic mystery all over again.


Price of the book


The original copy of this brilliant book written by A.J. Finn is being proffered for RS.1036 and one can avail the paperback copy at a market price of RS.399. However, the kindle edition of the same can be claimed for RS.203 at Amazon. You are always capable of getting it at a comparatively lower rate if you intelligently make use of some of the most wonderful book offers active online. The discount percentages will indeed rely on the website you choose to buy from, so ensure that you checkout different websites before facilitating the final purchase and get your best read at the best possible price.

Let’s see what experts have to say


The Guardian calls the novel as a nifty premise from Finn as the main character- Anna, has become agoraphobic after witnessing a traumatic life experience and has a habit of spying on other people. She witnesses a murder or it was just one of her hallucinations is all that keeps the story enriched with suspense, confusion and keep the readers engaged. It further added that this novel continues to flourish on the New York Times best seller list and the film rights have already been sold to Fox2000 and that in itself reflects the impeccable reader experience it grants.


The Globe and Mail.com critics disseminate that this book is not like any other girly book, it is an intelligently crafted novel that is embedded with oodles of Psychological suspense that indeed makes it worth reading. The story focuses on a single character whose depressed state, fears, secrets and moods give shape to the novel. They appreciate A.J Finn for visualizing and interpreting the theme plot, characters and story in such a realistic and engaging manner and remark that he did justice to this commendable creation.

The Final Verdict


The woman in the window elucidates the themes of exploitation, chronic grief and psychological manipulation. At once your sympathetic side will draw you towards the main character of the story that is constantly battling with depression and is on medication to wave her sorrows away.


She has suffered a lot more in life that one perceives her to be, spying on neighbors and drinking a lot of alcohol depicts her loneliness and how agoraphobic she has become. Her thought for self-care and lack of self -preservation may disappoint you at times when the same is diabolically used against her.


This novel must be on your reading list if you are inclined towards real stories filled with humor, suspense and engagement. The author has himself been a victim of depression and through this writing, he has portrayed the character and the challenges she encounter as the plot passes by in the most efficient manner.

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